Where do You Get Your Specimens?

I use multiple sources; pet stores, farmers, breeders, etc, and make sure they are sustainably sourced as well as vetting my sources to ensure the animals are not being harmed for the sake of art. These animals have died from various natural causes; road kill failure to thrive, for food, etc, and I use the remains to create art. 

Why no shipping outside of the U.S.?

For nearly all of my products it's against federal law for me to ship outside of the U.S.

It's always a good idea to be up to date on your local laws regarding animal parts, some of them may surprise you.

Return Policy?

All sales are final. 
However if there are concerns about damage or degradation, these are handled on a case by case basis. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me! 

What's the Liquid in With the Wet Specimens?

My specimens are originally in formaldehyde, but are suspended in 70% isopropyl alcohol for long-term storage.

Wet Specimen Fluid Turning Yellow?

Don't fret! This is very common for wet specimens, especially for newer specimens. If you'd prefer a clearer fluid with your specimen, I know I do, simply replace the fluid 70% isopropyl alcohol. I'd recommend wearing gloves, running the sink while you pour out the old alcohol, and then slowly add in the fresh alcohol. 

Does My Preservation Need Maintenance? 

Typically? No. 

Some wet specimens will need to be topped off as imperfections in the jars can cause some evaporation and may need to be topped off. As stated above alcohol changes can be done but that's more to the owners preference. 

For mummified specimens it's a good idea to keep them under glass or in a sealed container, if they aren't already, to avoid moisture or bug damage. If you are worried you can freeze your mummy in a bag every couple months/each year to kill off any potential bugs depending on the container. 

For any other questions feel free to contact me!